The most valuable thing we have…

Hello everybody

It is going to be the first blogpost of mensenvaular in English. And it is dedicated to friendship, actually, no it is not… Well, I will leave to you, so at the end you will conclude what was it about.

Recently, I had dinner with my friends. We had food, had nice chat, played monopoly, took photos, selfies as well… In short, it was fun, we did enjoy.  But the thing I am going to write is totally different. These are all what I thought when they left my place after the  dinner.

All of  my friends are from different countries. After knowing them, I learnt the things about their countries and culture, which are not usually shown on the news. They all have wonderful cultures, traditions and many more.  No matter of religion or race each nation has its past and today. But, how about tomorrow? Unfortunately, some countries’ future are destroyed, at least for few decades. Do we (current generation) have a right to leave slums for future generation?

Just think about things happening around you… Syria, Palestine, Ukraine, Turkey …(this list can go on and on). Well,  human learns from mistakes, does value the things after losing them. But repeating the same  mistake over and over in different corner of the world, and losing most valuable thing “peace”  is something beyond humankind.


I just wish that some “group of people” to understand peacefulness is much more important than any kind of political games or benefiting from selling arms, owning gas and oil resources,  showing to the world their ”strength” and etc. Yes, I wish…

At the end, I will quote one my friend’s words who studies with me:

“I want that morning when you can wake up without checking the news, because you know that everything is OK” (Oksana Pradun, Ukraine)

Yes, we all do too. May “they” do as well…

P.S. The photo is taken from here.

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