Morning… about 5 am…

The noise of construction workers woke her up. But she was so sleepy and at first she could not get where was  the noise coming from. It took her a few seconds to remember and the images of everything appeared in her mind as a  slide show: motorway widening… their old house… demolition… construction of  new house… moving…Yeah… What a birthday morning…She has to prepare breakfast for the workers, then lunch then dinner… has to go to the bazaar in between to get some groceries and veg. Suddenly, she realised pain in her lower belly… Oh shit, no… It also found its day to come… Well, happy birthday, girl…

#np Flypside Happy Birthday

 All I thought was a dream (make a wish)
Was as real as it seemed (happy birthday)
All I thought was a dream (make a wish)
Was as real as it seemed

.…Happy birthday…

Few hours later  her phone started receiving notifications. Of course, from facebook. Marry, Terry, Ferry, Xasan, Xusan, Dusan and etc. were posting on her wall. Most probably they also got a notification saying it was her  birthday  that day. Thank you, Facebook, you do “care” about us so much… She did reply few of the wishes, but as   pain got worse she even did not want to hold her phone…She cried…The only thing she could want was falling asleep…

about  4 pm…

She woke up and saw her phone next to her with full of notification on its screen. Her mum came into the room and asked softly: “Do you  feel better, dear?” She nodded in response. Actually, yes she did feel better physically  then, but not in her soul. She hated the day… Was she expecting a surprise party…? No… Was she expecting a bunch of flowers…? No…Was she expecting boxes of presents….? No… She did not even know what she needed.

#np Flypside Happy Birthday

….From the heavens to the womb to the heavens again
From the endin’ to the endin’, never got to begin
Maybe one day we could meet face to face?
In a place without time and space
Happy birthday…

Evening seemed  better than the day… The sun disappeared  behind the roofs, the outside got a bit cooler, however, it was still above +30. She kind of  got  used to the day as well… Around nineish, her phone started ringing, stranger number on its screen. Another birthday wisher she thought… But she was wrong….

– Hello. I am sorry for disturbing you. It’s is… I got your number from… How are you?

– …

What a voice… She did not get  what was he saying clearly… She just listened to the voice… It was sonorous like a bell  sounding brave, confident… At the same time, pleasant and calming like a sound of water… unusual one…

– Hello, do you hear me…?

–, I do. She tried to sound better but her voice was lifeless and dry as a result of her “birthday mood”…

– Oh, yes. I am sorry I have not looked at the  time. It is a bit late now. If you do not mind I will call you tomorrow?, you can…

– It was nice to talk to you, thank you. Good night…

– Good night..

Without  The End…To Be Continued …

Usual P.S. The source of the photo is here

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