The drugs


20/01/2016 Tashkent

My reader, yes you, how long have you been following the posts? Or how long have you known me? Actually, you don’t have to answer, I’ve just wondered. Here I want to share  some passions of me whether you know them or not… You might find part of youself here below too…


I have no idea whoever created chocolate, but my sincere thanks to him that this dark bar does save me most of the time. “Chocolate is the answer, who cares what the question is  :)…” Mmm… Ritter sport is another story…


While ice freezes negative thoughts in my mind, cream transfers them into positive… That’s how it works, simple. Money cannot buy happiness but it does buy some ice cream. Aren’t they both just the same? 🙂 And, the variety of  flavours is another story….


The showers… It’s not about  becoming wet, it is about feeling the rain. It waters my soul, refreshes my spirit and showers my mind. So I often walk… not alone with the rain and my iPod…perfect trio…The smell is another story…


Fans watch a match to enjoy a beautiful game supporting their team, so do I. However,  Football is  more than that for me and I am sure  you might  feel the same. It’s my source of adrenalin, the game, the excitement, worrying, shouting, the fans, emotions, the crowd sometimes the mob, every single part of it makes you up…You kinda forget yourself, your worries for 90+ minutes… The world cup is another story…

Our blog

Here we are, whenever chocolate and ice-cream aren’t powerful enough to calm me down or there is no rain nor football match I just sit down in front of the screen and sink into MenSenvaUlar… While I am writing it neither interrupts me nor judges me. Today I am down again coz I am no longer able to hear the voice from my birthday. Everything has an end, the end was today… It is not a story any more…

Thank you being with me anyway…

Let’s do a fair play. Could you also list your drugs below in  the comment’s section, please. Come on guys let’s make it our blogpost not solely mine, shall we?

P.S.  source of the photo


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