Beaten women remain silent because…

Just finished up my blog post about ‘beaten happy women’. Well as you might have noticed the title is pretty sarcastic. If you are interested to know why Uzbek women are so silent about the domestic violence against them and pretend as everything is fine, you might find the post below interesting. It was originally posted on a Facebook Page/ Suppressed Histories Archives in 2014. 

A strongly patriarchal social hierarchy, as explained in a Muslim feminist article, with male headship and subordinate wife. “Younger children are under the control of elders, girls are under control of boys even if they are younger. Especially if first child is boy he should manage younger children, he defines their duties at home or in [fields], who should see to animals or garden. Elder brother has decision making in his sisters’ marriage. … In the traditional conscience it is permission for boy to have sexual relations before marriage but for girl it is shame, there is duty to be virgin for girl-bride. It is shame and sin if girl has meetings in cinema or other public places with a boy without permission of parents even they have no sexual relations, nobody married her if there is known that she had same meeting in past. If she is married after these rumors her husband usually remembers about this and it could be reason for the jealousy during long time or even for divorce. It is very difficult for girl to prolong the time of the wedding after an arrangement for continuing education or other reasons, family of boy can refuse and it will be shame for family. It is usual the reason of dropping girls from secondary or high education.

“Girls are limited in their choices; they are limited in their life goals. Women’s protests are punished and they are afraid to become alien for members of their own families and own relatives. So women agree with current situations and take up many obligations that limit their freedom and their rights in favor of their own future and for preserving right to be a wife and a mother and status of married woman.

“The other problem for women in patriarchal family becomes domestic violence, polygamy and divorce. The domestic violence statistic doesn’t exist. At first families try to keep in secret these cases, at second the society does not recognize as a violence humiliation of rights of women, at third neighborhood considers that humiliated woman is punished for her bad behavior and that she does not to do her woman’s obligations well. Woman is afraid to lose the status of married women. Also she worries for the future of her children, especially girls because it will be difficult to find husband for daughter of single woman. The form of protests of woman against regular domestic violence becomes a suicide, number of which does not decrease during many years.

“Problem of divorce became actual because the right of women to have part of family property was broken because it belonged to parents of husband and she could not receive place there after divorce and parental sides of relatives do not give place for her living and so very often women stayed after divorce outside on the street. Many of them were forced to migrate illegally to capital or abroad for work in domestic servitude. There is great number of victims of human-trafficking among divorced women who were before victims of domestic violence. The practice of polygamy increased from 1991, It was proclaimed as national tradition and polygamy was discussed as support for single women who have right to have family and children. Ideologists of polygamy contempt single women and recommended torestore polygamy in official legislation. Despite civil legislation forbids polygamy it exists according to adat [tradition]. Practice of polygamy is wide spread in new rich strata and clergy. There are many cases of non-adult girls involved to polygamy according nikah. They have no legal status of married women and very often they become victims of domestic violence.”

Depressing, yes, but pretty typical of traditional patriarchal societies.’

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