Benin. Democracy. Unity. And its economic capital city Cotonou and infrastructure struggles.


© UNFPA Benin/Ollivier Girard

This blog post written as a course work for the MOOC offered by Oxford University in the area of international development and answers certain specific questions in the case of Benin. Continue reading


Financing solution that will unlock financial opportunities in a Post Conflict State

This blog post is written as a project work to fulfil the partial requirement of the MOOC: Financing for Development: Unlocking Investment Opportunities on edX platform offered by World Bank Group.

Assignment: Propose a financing solution that will unlock financial opportunities in a Fragile or Conflict (State) country integrating the International Development Association (IDA) Private Sector Window in your solution.

Target audience: General public; public engagement  and improving their awareness in development (financing) issues

Summary: A post conflict state has been chosen as an object.
Proposal of three solutions for financing for development which enable us to reach three (social, political and economic) outcomes… 
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The next station is London (Guidelines for underground users )


o’zbekchada o’qing

Hey guys 🙂

Today is Sunday[1]. Usually I listen to music or podcasts while I’m doing my housework. Luke’s English Podcast is the one I’m listening to recent times. Today I listened its episode on London underground and its rules for passengers. And you know what? I’d like to write a blog post combining my own experience of using the underground and also Luke’s suggestions. Who knows, there might someone is who planning to leave for London any time soon among you guys for good, for studies or for a short stay. So let’s not talk much in the introduction part and move to the post itself. Let’s go…

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Morning… about 5 am…

The noise of construction workers woke her up. But she was so sleepy and at first she could not get where was  the noise coming from. It took her a few seconds to remember and the images of everything appeared in her mind as a  slide show: motorway widening… their old house… demolition… construction of  new house… moving…Yeah… What a birthday morning… Continue reading

The most valuable thing we have…

Hello everybody

It is going to be the first blogpost of mensenvaular in English. And it is dedicated to friendship, actually, no it is not… Well, I will leave to you, so at the end you will conclude what was it about.

Recently, I had dinner with my friends. We had food, had nice chat, played monopoly, took photos, selfies as well… In short, it was fun, we did enjoy.  But the thing I am going to write is totally different. These are all what I thought when they left my place after the  dinner. Continue reading