ˈbiːtn ˈhæpi ˈwɪmɪn

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Oxirgi paytlarda Avaz Oxunni chiqishlarini maqtashganini ko’p guvohi bo’layapman. Bugun man ham qiziqib ko’rib ko’rdim, rostdan ham xalqni o’zini odatlari, turmush – tarzini kulguli jihatlarini ko’rsatgan holda chiqishlar qilar ekan. Aytishganlaridek Hojiboy Tojiboyni izdoshlari deganlaricha bor… manga ham chiqishlari yoqayapti deb turgandim, toki… mana shu yerigacha. Continue reading



O’zbekchada o’qish uchun pastroqga tushing.

5:00 am

She woke up…found her phone on her side and looked at the time… too early to get up on a Sunday morning… closed her eyes… Continue reading

The most valuable thing we have…

Hello everybody

It is going to be the first blogpost of mensenvaular in English. And it is dedicated to friendship, actually, no it is not… Well, I will leave to you, so at the end you will conclude what was it about.

Recently, I had dinner with my friends. We had food, had nice chat, played monopoly, took photos, selfies as well… In short, it was fun, we did enjoy.  But the thing I am going to write is totally different. These are all what I thought when they left my place after the  dinner. Continue reading