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Hey dears 🙂

Recent times I have become a MOOCaholic in the area of International Development. It’s because of my passion for the field, and any activity whether it’s my job or learning new concepts, following blogs or media posts on development issues making me more eager and eager.

Last week I have written a blog post covering Sierra Leone which was my course assignment for Financing for Development offered by World Bank Group.

And today I am about to submit another final assignment for my second MOOC in International Development, which is “From Poverty to Prosperity” offered by Oxford University. This time I will be focusing on Benin and answering particular questions.

By doing both courses I have gained great knowledge in the area of international development and also familiarized myself with the issues development world facing today. Until know I have had very limited and general knowledge about African countries. During the courses and particularly doing my two assignments focused on two African countries enriched my knowledge about the continent. It is also one step towards one of my goals, which is to be involved in a project based on an African country. Therefore, I am learning French by the way :).

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