Benin. Democracy. Unity. And its economic capital city Cotonou and infrastructure struggles.


© UNFPA Benin/Ollivier Girard

This blog post written as a course work for the MOOC offered by Oxford University in the area of international development and answers certain specific questions in the case of Benin. Continue reading



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Hey dears 🙂

Recent times I have become a MOOCaholic in the area of International Development. It’s because of my passion for the field, and any activity whether it’s my job or learning new concepts, following blogs or media posts on development issues making me more eager and eager. Continue reading

Financing solution that will unlock financial opportunities in a Post Conflict State

This blog post is written as a project work to fulfil the partial requirement of the MOOC: Financing for Development: Unlocking Investment Opportunities on edX platform offered by World Bank Group.

Assignment: Propose a financing solution that will unlock financial opportunities in a Fragile or Conflict (State) country integrating the International Development Association (IDA) Private Sector Window in your solution.

Target audience: General public; public engagement  and improving their awareness in development (financing) issues

Summary: A post conflict state has been chosen as an object.
Proposal of three solutions for financing for development which enable us to reach three (social, political and economic) outcomes… 
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To do list for winter

Bugun qishda qilmoqchi ishlarim haqida o’ylab chiqib, to do list tuzdim. Hozir rejalarimning eng muhimlarini shu yerga ham qayd qilib qo’ymoqchimanki, rejalar haqiqiy maqsadga aylanib, mavsum so’ngiga qadar bari amalga oshishi uchun bu ham bir qadam… 🙂

Today I thought about my winter plans and made a to do list. Now I would like to write about my plans here too that they will become more than just plans. And hopefully, by the end of the season I will achieve them all.   

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